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Helen Lucretia CongerAge: 36 years18401876

Helen Lucretia Conger
Birth about 1840 31 25
Death of a fatherJason Kellogg Conger
November 8, 1840
Marriage of a parentCornelius M HardyMary Jane FossView this family
1850 (Age 10 years)

Civil marriageCharles Henry SearleView this family
March 6, 1861 (Age 21 years)
Birth of a daughter
Alice Christiana Searle
October 9, 1862 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
Jason Conger Searle
about 1864 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a son
Burton Leonard Searle
June 2, 1866 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
Charles Henry Searle Jr
May 25, 1872 (Age 32 years)
Death of a husbandCharles Henry Searle
October 13, 1872 (Age 32 years)
Cause: typhoid
Death September 13, 1876 (Age 36 years)

Family with parents - View this family
Mother’s family with Cornelius M Hardy - View this family
Marriage: 1850
Family with Charles Henry Searle - View this family
Marriage: March 6, 1861St. Albans, VT
19 months
2 years
2 years
6 years

From a letter by Burton Leonard Searle, dated April 19, 1948: Helen Lucretia Conger, of St. Albans, was my mother, and as I had heard that I had a Conger relative of some kind in the war, I got to wondering if he was that relative and what the connection was. I remember reading that a Captain Conger was in command of the squad that ran down John Wilkes Booth after he shot Lincoln and always wondered if he might be that relative. I suppose I might gratify an idle curiosity by writing the author of the article referred to above. I have found a lot of the Searle name away back to Revolutionary times, but none that ever did anything very exciting, but could never get even a start on mother’s side of the family.
jmillerbaer on ancestry.com lists HLC's death date as about 1873 of Typhoid Fever. I had heard through family channels that she'd lived longer, but given up the kids for adoption for unknown reasons.
From Beth Searle Alexander's Searle Family History: \"In 1873, when typhoid fever left these four children orphaned, the mother of Helen Conger Searle was living in Saint Albans with her husband, Mr. Cornelius M. Hardy, described as Helen's stepfather. We have no name for Helen's mother but she was said to have been a half sister of a Mrs. Ralph Brooks. The four children were taken to Saint Albans to live with their Hardy grandparents.\"
Andersen Family Tree on ancestry lists another offspring of HLC and CHS: Hamilton Carpenter Searle, b. 1868 Hmmm.... the 1870 Census as interpretted by Ancestry or whomever lists Hamilton Carpenter, age 2. But if you look at the actual scan of the document, it's clear that Carpenter is a family name. The first name is really hard to read (Henrietta, maybe?) But this person was female and 22 years old, not 2. That 22 year old female is probably one of CHS's sisters, either Henrietta or Marietta.
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