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Martin MartinAge: 80 years16651745

Martin Martin
Given names
Birth 1665 25
MarriageSarah HixView this family
February 10, 1699 (Age 34 years)
MarriageMrs MARTIN MARTINView this family
January 1712 (Age 47 years)

Note: Reference: 4179
Land Patent 1725 (Age 60 years)
Birth of a daughter
Lucy Martin
August 26, 1726 (Age 61 years)
Death March 20, 1745 (Age 80 years)
Type: Buried
March 1745 (Age 80 years)
Death 1759 (Age 94 years)

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Family with Sarah Hix - View this family
Marriage: February 10, 1699St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, VA
28 years
Family with Mrs MARTIN MARTIN - View this family
Marriage: January 1712

Reference: 4179 Unparsed GEDCOM data: 1 CHIL @I07606@ 2 _FREL Natural 2 _MREL Family member
Reference: 11026 RootsWeb WorldConnect 24 Feb 2000 ID: I0075 Name: Martin Martin 1 Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1677 Death: ABT. 1735 Note: Martin is a processioner at St Peter's in 1689. He apparently moved to Henrico Co. prior to 1735, where he patented 358 acres on the south side of the James. He owned land in New Kent Co., VA, in 1689 along with Henry, Thomas, and William Martin. (Vestry Book, St Peter's Church.) Last mention in Vestry Book of Martin Martin is 1698. The Parish Register contains the marriage of Martin Martin to Sarah Hix 10 Feb 1698/9. The children are listed with baptismal dates. The ten year gap in the children may mean that they are not the children of the same man .Richard Amos email 1/19/99: in reply to my email a day earlier listing the children of William b.1736 and Lucy Amos who were the parents of Lucinda/Lucy Amoswho married Charles Barnard....and had Mary 'Molly' Barnard. There is a book Richard says most of his research is taken from:' CHILDREN OF MT SOMA, a book of about 1100 pages, detailing the descendants of William and Ann McComas Amos. It was written by Gertrude Stephens, 2 Lee Circle, Spanish Fort, AL 36527. The publisher is Genealogy Publishing Service, 448 Ruby Mine Road, Franklin, NC 28734. Library of Congress Catalog Card#91-72750. The book is a GOLD MINE! Also, Thomas Valentine Amos was born November 23, 1713. Mt. SOMA is AMOS spelled backwards. The house still stands in Harford County, MD. I will address your questions about Lucinda and the Barnards in another email. Please send me your snail mail address. Thanks again, Richard Amos" <email began thanking me for making the link between his Martin Amos and the above Amos family which I did by listing the parents and siblings of my Lucy Amos Bolt. Richard went on to say he knew his Amos family was linked to the MD Amosfamily, his father had told him they came from MD. Richard also stated that William Sr. and Ann McComas Amos had 7 children and he is sending me a FTM group sheet of them, plus additional information by email and snail mail. Richard also mentioned William JR. 'William the Quaker' Amos and said he was the most famous of the WmSr and Ann McComas Amos' children....replied to his email 11/19/98. Virkus: P.669 "William Amoss ca 1690-1755 to MD from England; before 1735 married Ann McComas; William 1717-1814 Lt.,MD provincal militia, later a Quaker minister m. first Maldin." Genealogy of the Smedley Family P392....."William Amoss was one of the founders of Little Falls meeting at Fallston was a minister for 75 years. buried in 1814 in the yard of William Lee Amoss, now the home of Garrett Amoss. This William is the son of another William, from England, buried here in 1750. The original spelling was AMOS. buried here in 1750. 1. William1 Amos, Sr. was born 1690 in England, and died 1775 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, USA. He married Ann Maulden January 1712/13 in Baltimore, Maryland. She was born Abt. 1690 in Ireland, and died WFT Est. 1729- 1785. Notes for William Amos, Sr.: The original spelling of the Amos family name was "Amoss". The Amoss family in America began with William Amoss., William and his family came to America before 1735. He settled in Baltimore County Maryland and was a quaker. It is said that their was a split in the Amoss family over religion and slavery. Quakers did not believe in slavery. According to info from Bill Amos, from the "Friends of Mt. Soma" organization, there was a split in the family during colonial times over the issue of slavery. Those family members in favor of slavery added the second "S" and spelled their name Amoss while those opposed to slavery retained Amos. Charlie visited there today, and both Amos and Amoss grave markers are mixed together at the Little Falls Meeting House. Apparently the graves from the Mt. Soma property were moved to the Little Falls property some years ago. William first purchased land in Baltimore County on 3 March, 1715 from Henry Wright of Prince George County MD Children of William Amos and Ann Maulden are: i. John2 Amos, born in Joppa Township, Baltimore County, Maryland. He married Elizabeth Stileve + ii. Thomas Amos, born November 02, 1713 in Joppa Township, Baltimore County Maryland; died Abt. 1763 in Joppa Township, baltimore County, Maryland. iii. Elizabeth Amos, born October 18, 1715; died WFT Est. 1716-1809. She married Joseph England + iv. William Amos, Jr, born March 03, 1717/18 in Joppa Township, Baltimore County, Maryland; died February 26, 1814 in Harford County, Maryland. + 6 James Amos, Sr, born February 18, 1720/21 in Joppa Township, Baltimore County, Maryland; died April 01, 1797. + 7 Benjamin Amos, born February 02, 1723/24 in Baltimore County, Maryland; died Bef. May 29, 1775 in Harford County, Maryland. Joshua Amos, born October 25, 1725 in Baltimore, Maryland; died 1773 in Harford County, Maryland. viii. Mordecai Amos, born February 07, 1726/27 in Baltimore Co., Maryland; died October 10, 1788. Unparsed GEDCOM data: 1 FAMC @F3589@
from ancestry user mtekverk1: "Martin Martin married Sarah Hix in St. Peter's Parish on 10 Feb 1699. Their son, Valentine, was baptized 18 Jun 1710. Martin purchased land in Goochland (now Powhatan) County, VA in 1724 and patented land in the same county in 1725 which he abandoned in 1730. The abandoned land was then taken up by Stephen Woodson who made will in 1735, probated 1736, naming Martin Martin, "Late of New Kent". The relationship, if any, between Martin and Woodson is not known. I am inclined to believe that Stephen was a son-in-law of Martin Martin. Stephen evidently was a young man who had only two children, both minors, named Elizabeth and Matthew. Hi wife was also named Elizabeth. "