Hagerman - Searle - Yeager - Yeatts

Joseph (I) YeagerAge: 99 years17391838

Joseph (I) Yeager
Birth about 1739
MarriageCatherina Elisabetha BeckerView this family

Birth of a son
Joseph (II) Yeager
December 1780 (Age 41 years)
Death of a wifeCatherina Elisabetha Becker
March 9, 1795 (Age 56 years)

Birth of a grandson
Joseph (III) Yeager
January 28, 1813 (Age 74 years)
Marriage of a grandchildJoseph (III) YeagerElizabeth LawrenceView this family
November 24, 1835 (Age 96 years)
Death of a sonJoseph (II) Yeager
July 3, 1836 (Age 97 years)
Death February 2, 1838 (Age 99 years)
There is some debate as to whether Joseph(II) is the son of Joseph(I). John Burness cites baptism records from Fayette Co. to defend listing J(II) as a son of J(I). The Stevens do not include J(II) as J(I)'s son. I'm not sure why.
Burness says: \"Joseph Yeager probably emigrated from Germany, and eventually settled in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where he obtained land in 1785.\"