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Charles Valentine BarnardAge: 46 years17501796

Charles Valentine Barnard
Given names
Charles Valentine
Birth 1750 40 35
Death of a paternal grandmotherHopcot Gardner
May 10, 1750
Death of a motherSarah Hoag
1755 (Age 5 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherBenjamin Hoag
May 19, 1760 (Age 10 years)
MarriageLucinda “Lucy” AmosView this family
about 1773 (Age 23 years)
Birth of a son
Isham Barnard
December 23, 1787 (Age 37 years)
Death of a fatherThomas Barnard
1796 (Age 46 years)
Death June 21, 1796 (Age 46 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: October 2, 1735Nantucket, Essex, MA - do not have list of their children
15 years
Father’s family with Martha Hender - View this family
Marriage: November 13, 1740Boston, Massachusetts
Family with Lucinda “Lucy” Amos - View this family
Marriage: about 1773NC or VA
15 years

Reference: 7602 Believe he may have been killed by Indians....it was passed on in his son Isham Barnard's family that the reason Isham was 'bound out' was because his father had died. It is a fact that when Mary "Molly" Barnard married Charles Bolt in 1796 in Patrick Co, VA, her father was probably deceased because her mother, 'Lucy Bolt' signed the marriage consent. Charles may have been older than wife Lucy Amos as well, in fact she may be a second or later wife. Checking every male Barnard who came from Nantucket to NC/VA in the 1770s, there are several whose spouses have not been identified... and many who came married from Nantucket, but whose wives may have died in NC/VA after arrival... not all the Quaker MM records have survived from that area and time. Another possibility is that Charles 'married out of unity'.....still searching for him....1/99.Believe he may have been killed by Indians......or at least died before children of this marriage were all grown... his death is said to be reason son Isham was 'bound out'... and daughter Mary 'Molley' Barnard's father 'had died before she married' Charles Bolt in 1796. 22-03-1999- Bolt cousin Mona Kennedy of KS visited & brought her copy of book CARROLL 1765-1815 THE SETTLEMENTS by John Perry Alderman, copyrighted 1985, 'This book may be ordered from Alderman Books, Box 1255, Hillsville, VA 24343. The following is quoted from book, page 36, 1st paragraph under CHARLES BOLT: 'No record has been found to prove it, but all the evidence tells us that Charles Bolt was old John Bolt's son and probably was the eldest. Charles definitely was taxed as one of John's tithables in 1790 and probably was in 1788, which indicates a birthdate of about 1772. He was only a child when his father came here. He married MARY (Molly) BARNARD in Patrick Co in 1796 and Mary's widowed mother, Lucy Barnard, consented to the marriage. Mary Barnard Bolt is thought to have been a sister to Arch, Isham and Valentine Barnard since Charles Bolt in 1808 joined in a deed with them selling 200 acres on Buffalo Creek (Patrick, D.B. 3-141). THE TRADITION IS THAT THEIR FATHER WAS NAMED CHARLES BARNARD.' Two Barnards found in 1782 VA census in Fluvanna Co, VA - John and Peter, both on p. 19. Fluvanna Co is right place, and in 1782 Mary's father could have been living, he apparently died by 1796 when she m. Charles Bolt in Patrick Co, VA Middle name Archie (?)
Removed from Nantucket 1773 Came with family to Guilford Co, NC, later to VA, Carroll Co & Patrick Co
\"Lucy Barnard\" signed consent form when Molly m. Charles in 1796...
Other children of Charles and Lucy: Valentine (1774-1814) Archibald (1780-1855) Mary Molly (1782-1800) Mary married Charles Bolt in 1796