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Sarah Fithian BatemanAge: 65 years17391804

Sarah Fithian Bateman
Birth 1739
MarriageJohn BeremanView this family
March 29, 1757 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a son
Thomas Bereman
December 9, 1761 (Age 22 years)
Marriage of a childThomas BeremanNancy EmersonView this family
November 8, 1794 (Age 55 years)
Death May 5, 1804 (Age 65 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Family with John Bereman - View this family
Marriage: March 29, 1757Greenwich, NJ
5 years

From John T Sanders: <http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/a/n/John-T-Sanders/GENE7-0006.html> Notes for SARAH FITHIAN BATEMAN ~: Sarah was buried in the old Presbyterian cemetery in Greenwich, New Jersey. The inscription on her tombstone reads \"In memory of Sarah Bereman who departed this life on the 5th day of May 1804 in the 65th year of her age [from Howard S. Whitley's report of 10 June 1932, page 15, citing both F. D. Andrews (Tombstone Inscriptions) and the New Jersey Historical Society Presbyterian Manuscript]. I have a photo of the stone [JTS -- 22 August 2000]. From Norm Berreman's FTW file, 18 August 1999: \"Sarah Fithian Bateman was the child of Thomas Bateman and Sarah Fithian. Though both parents were born in the Cumberland County area, both came from families that had been in the Americas since the 1630s. The families were associated with the same communities had moved together from Boston to the Hamptons of Long Island to Fairfield, Connecticut to the Cohansey region of New Jersey around 1700. This is a rather Puritan/Congregationalist origin. By SFB's time they appear to have become Presbyterians, a continuation of the Calvinist tradition. \"When SFB married John Bereman in the Greenwich Presbyterian Church on 29 March 1757 she would have been around eighteen years of age, an indication that the marriage was arranged if not by her parents, then by the elders of the congregation. SFB immediately set about bearing nine children, including six sons with the last born in 1773. This family would have been a new situation for both SFB and John both of whom had siblings who were principally female \"The Bereman children spent a relatively normal childhood for the time and place if one ignores the Revolution which all save Jonathan might have been too young to join. Minor incidents of the war however probably occured throughout the region. Most of the children except Joel who seems to have tended to his parents moved away to the west by the early 1800s to seek greater prosperity than the Beremans' 155 acre farm could provide. \"SFB died on 5 May 1804 in her mid sixties. Her husband died the following year. Joel joined his brothers in Ohio within a year or so. (source Ron Hagen) \"See Cumberland County Genealogical Data that says John Bereman married Sarah Bateman child of Thomas and Mary Bateman. Says Sarah b. 1739 d. May 5, 1804.\" More About SARAH FITHIAN BATEMAN ~: Burial: the Old Presbyterian Cemetery in Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey Marriage Notes for JOHN BEREMAN and SARAH BATEMAN: The marriage date accepted here was acquired from notes taken by Charles E. Sheppard of Bridgeton, New Jersey from the records of the Greenwich Presbyterian Church [I have photocopies of a transcript taken from those notes -- JTS]. More About JOHN BEREMAN and SARAH BATEMAN: Marriage: 29 Mar 1757, Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey